August 2, 2016 Services No Comments

Artistic Arborist is a tree Service located in Eugene and Springfield  Oregon that specializes in tree trimming, hedge trimming, fruit tree trimming, shrub pruning and tree removal. Our hedge and shrub pruning inhances the natural beauty of your landscape.

Hedges are an extremely important part of the landscape as they offer privacy. We insure that your hedges are done to perfection so you can enjoy your beautiful yard all year long. Hedges get out of control quickly so we recommend pruning annually.

We prune all hedges. Arborvitae, English Laurel, Leyland Cypress, and Boxwoods are just a few of the many hedges we love to prune. The best time of year to prune hedges is in the winter to insure the sun doesn’t burn them. If your interested in getting your hedges pruned to perfection call us for a free estimate. Our prices are competitive and we insure they will get the care they need.

If your interested in getting your shrubs pruned we are interested in hand pruning your shrubs. Rhodies, Camelies, Quinces are just a few of the many shrubs we like to prune. We use electric hand pruners and pride ourselves as being the best fine pruners in the Eugene and Springfield area. If your interested in a free estimate give us a call today!

Written by aaron