Tree Trimming Service
August 2, 2016 Services No Comments

Artistic Arborist is a tree Service in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon that offers the highest quality tree care. We specialize in trimming and pruning of of all trees, hedges and shrubs. Whether it’s tree trimming, pruning or tree removal, we are here to ensure your trees get the tree care they need. We love trimming and pruning trees, and our clients all agree we are the finest arborists in the Eugene and Springfield area. Some of our favorite tree to prune and trim are Maple trees, Japanese Maples, Lace leaf Maples, Big Leaf Maples, Magnolias, Japanese Snowbells, fruit trees, Fir trees, pine trees, Tulup trees, Apple Trees, Pear trees, Fig trees, Plum trees, Willow Trees, Ash trees, Locust trees, Birch trees, Oak trees, Spruce trees, Walnut trees, Peach trees , Cherry trees, Persimmon trees, all conifers and deciduous trees.

Ask your neighbors about our tree trimming and pruning work. With over 28 years of tree trimming and pruning experience we ensure your trees get the care they need. We never use spurs or spikes when climbing your trees.  At Artistic Arborist professional arborists are in charge of all the tree trimming and pruning. Our days are extremely rewarding as all our trees hedges and shrubs become more beautiful with every cut.  Many times all the trimming and pruning is done by hand. If you are interested in our tree trimming and pruning services then give us a call. We are looking forward to trimming and pruning your trees!

Here is a photo of our team caring for Eugene’s LARGEST tree:

Pruning Eugene's Largest Tree

Trimming Eugene’s Largest Tree

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